Who we are

Wireless Replay helps people talk more, cheaper. We exist to cut down myths about cellphones and airtime. Our DNA includes manufacturing, logistics, repair, sales and, just like you, being consumers of cellphone services. Come to us for straight answers and quality products, all at the best possible prices.

Wireless Replay, Inc. is your best partner for cellular sales, handset repair, parts, refurbishment, logistics and all the bits and pieces needed to make your business a success. 

• Tracfone founder, specializing in boosting prepaid sales
• The right products at the right time
• Full-service asset management
• 20+ years as telecomm and cellular industry leaders
• Proven track record of delivering world-class, bottom-line results

Jaime Topp, President

Jaime Topp, President

Jaime brings to the table over 30 years of business development and general management in the wireless industry, including co-founding Tracfone, the undisputed leader in prepaid cellular. He headed general sales management for Cellstar in Latin America, and service business development and general management for Topp Service Solutions in the U.S. and Mexico. Jaime is an avid sailor and former air transport pilot.

John Sawinski, VP

John has over 30 years of experience as a technologist optimizing the way consumers experience technology products. With twenty years at Motorola helping to mitigate post sale risk and cost, including a role as North American key accounts service management, and intellectual property development, he brings to WRI solid expertise in the latest enterprise wireless strategies, cost containment and process management.