Cost Containment

Got phones you paid off, but are still paying contract prices for airtime? Why? Wireless Replay can re-task those same phones to prepaid and help you save big. They don’t even have to leave your building. Same networks, half the price. Enjoy no-contract savings through our Bring Your Own Phone program. We’ll even set up a maintenance program to help you keep them working. It’s our specialty. With Wireless Replay as your enterprise cellphone partner, you’ll make the most of what you already have.

Don’t pay full price for new phones

Carriers used to subsidize cellphones to get you on their networks. Costs were artificially low. Sometimes the phone was free. Those days are gone. Our unlocked, refurbished units are indistinguishable from new and are heavily discounted. All come with a full, one-year warranty. Get the cool factor at a cool price. Oh, in case you haven’t noticed, even though carriers stopped covering the cost of your phone, have they cut the cost of airtime? The answer is no. Let Wireless Replay get you a cool phone on one of our cool prepaid plans. Same carriers, same towers, same features, half the price.