Are You Still Using Calling Cards?

Why are you spending $200/month to call home?

Wireless Replay surveyed Latino cellphone customers about international prepaid calling plans. Guess what?? Most of them carried cellphones on various U.S. carriers, but also used calling cards to call Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, etc. Monthly total spends between cellphones and calling cards topped $200. Crazy! But calling cards have been around forever, back to the days of ancient rotary dial phones. Old habits are hard to break.

Time to rethink your international calling; Wireless Replay prepaid airtime gets you unlimited calling in the U.S. to over 1000 landline destinations, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to Mexico, China, India and Canada, among others, starting at $65/month. Plus, international calling is built into your plan. No dialing third-party access numbers, waiting for multiple dialtones, or keeping track of how many minutes you used—ever!

It’s a sad fact that calling cards never give you all the minutes you buy; When a card counts time in 15 minute increments, and you end the call just after the billing minute, there’s fifteen minutes lost. Then there’s an access charge, call termination, and any number of little bites at your wallet. Short calls chew away your calling card the worst.

Wireless Replay prepaid plans don’t have any of that. With unlimited calling for less than half the cost, you never have to worry about counting minutes or guessing how much time you have left.

Get smart about your wireless spend! Don’t buy calling cards you don’t need, just like you used to buy landline telephone service you probably don’t need anymore. Wireless Replay gets you the prepaid wireless plan you need to talk where you want, when you want, to whom you want, no nonsense, nothing hidden, all the minutes you deserve.

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John Sawinski