4G/LTE on Wireless Replay Prepaid

Some low-cost prepaid cellular programs do not offer 4G/LTE service. Even if you Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP), your system performance may be restricted. How do you know? The ‘3G’ flag at the top of your screen may be on, or nothing at all. Data speed is at a crawl. If 4G/LTE is working, most newer phones will show 4G/LTE at the top, up by the signal strength and battery indicators. Browser and download speeds will be slow. A quick test is to try NETFLIX or YouTube. If they don’t work, you’re probably in the slow lane. You need a real airtime plan.

Here’s the great news; All Wireless Replay prepaid plans support 4G/LTE!

If your phone is 4G/LTE capable, you’ll have full, high-speed data up to your monthly limit, then unlimited 2G service – fine for email and basic browsing – for the rest of the 30 day airtime period. Download at top speed, watch movies, stream audio for the finest customer experience. You’ll have it all.

Wireless Replay can connect you or your company with any number of 4G/LTE capable phones in most price ranges. You’ll trust our airtime offerings will support the full speed of business, particularly for enterprise customers. Call us today! Let’s talk about getting the best for less.


John Sawinski