Why Enterprise Prepaid isn’t like Consumer Prepaid


Wireless Replay consumer prepaid cellular, where you pay for some airtime at the beginning of each month, is easy to understand. You pay for airtime, you get to talk, no problem. But prepaid cellular on company-owned phones is different.

Cellphones owned by companies are used for company business, which means security problems; Company email is sensitive, company documents stored on your phone are secret, all data on the phone is subject to company control, those kind of concerns.

So company cellphones are often controlled in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) environment. A small security app lives on the phone, which is controlled by a device management server under IT oversight, a lot like IT remotely controlling PCs on desktops. Anytime the company needs to control content or data security it’s done remotely. When someone leaves the company, for example, IT may wipe the contents of that person’s phone over-the-air before giving it to someone else. But not all phones work well with MDM systems. Wireless Replay, however, has the solution.

For enterprise customers, Wireless Replay prepaid cellular plays just fine in the MDM sandbox. Our phones work the same with common MDM systems. And if you already have phones you want to convert to Wireless Replay prepaid under our Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program, no problem, those will work too. Want to cut your company cellphone bills in half? Wireless Replay knows how. Need help with an MDM implementation for your company, we can help with that too. Call us for a demo today!

John Sawinski